autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

>=< (pure seed; pattern, anomaly, etc)

The pure seed pattern is that which is present in all things.

It is the driver of all evolution, the cycle of all living things, and The singular, paradoxical anomaly in any organized system, and/or/else/not (all non-organized systems).

You can find the pattern anywhere that you can develop a way to “look” for it.

It follows all defined “laws of physics”, except when it doesn’t, but so far in the human endeavor, all the cases of “doesn’t” rest comfortably in our blind spot. We dismiss them as “failed” for want of “objective certainty” – itself, the impossible state – then compound the arrogance by proclaiming that all things in such state of failure are effectively unimportant and unworthy of recurrent examination.

We assign additional labels as our individual and collective, competitive biases demand, but the connotation is cement block chained to the ankle… most true innovation is met with this and that’s a beautiful validation of the elegance of the pattern – even the failures offer redemption so long as momentum and mindful experience remains the focal point; only the failure to succeed is final (and even final is heavily asterisked and noted: “Warning! Quantum Activity.”).

The funny part is, in our ever-so-reasoned rush to conclusion, we continue to make critical errors of logic – chief among which is in assuming there is only “is” and “is not” and “none”.

Why is this? I assert it is because the “heart bias” of humanity is still centered, grounded, and entwined in experience… all things not explicitly and recurrently demonstrated TRUE are given the innoculant of previously mentioned (viral) anomaly that seems most often to express itself as “knowing without knowing why” that we usually call “genius” or “mutation” or “miracle” because, faced with it, no one has discovered a way outside of abject, self-annihilating stupidity to avoid, ignore, or dismiss it.

It’s always some form of pattern recognition that humanity discovers that leads to it.

It’s always some form of pattern recognition that humanity refines that deepens our understanding of it.

It’s always some form of pattern recognition that humanity uses recursively that assimilates it.

It’s always some form of pattern recognition that humanity encodes it in our DNA.

It is the pure seed, a pattern, consisted of states and not-states and “>=<”, the expression of the imponderable contained in our code… literally, the seed of all things in itself.

In conceptual language, it is expressed as “pi”.

In mathematics, it is expressed as an infinite number that results from “squaring the circle”: The ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle.

The modification upon previous assertion then: “… -1, -0, >=<, 0, 1, …”.

And this is the point where my own incompetence in mathematics stands in all it’s ignoble and ill-formed glory. It really sucks when you know what you’re trying to say, but you lack the language in which it is best expressed.

Still, I try. Perhaps my own arrogance (assuredly, human yet!), it just feels important and meaningful and I cannot escape the sense that people from other disciplines would reframe my pedestrian effort into something I seemingly cannot.

(A career, a reputation, a livelihood, etc.)

And so it goes…