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Queen of Swords (timely)

Today’s Card: Queen of Swords (meaning and analysis courtesy of

Card Symbology

The Spring setting on the Queen of Swords, as opposed to Winter settings on most other Swords cards, has an ’emergence’ and ‘growth’ quality to it. Swords set in Winter can have a very cold and stark look to them but the Spring colours soften up the harder aspect of this card. This is a ‘lady’ not the hard, cold, woman that other decks often depict. The Queen is holding the sword comfortably but not brandishing it – in fact there is a feeling of definite femininity with this card. She is wearing pink (or is she surrounded by fluffy pink clouds) and is adorned with pearls (for wisdom). She looks very much in control, her hair is beautifully set and her make-up is obvious but subtle.

This lady is very much a rational thinker who uses her intelligence more than her emotions. She sits high on her throne with a stern look on her face indicating that no-one could fool me. Although she has her left had extended as a sign of having something to give or to offer. In her right hand she holds a sword pointed to the sky. On this day appears lots of clouds at a distance indicating that a storm may brew as the trees are flowing from the West to the East. Most storms come from the West. However there is a bird flying alone as if it lost the flock or family. It is flying into the storm. Perhaps telling us not to go with the flow and instead pursue our endeavours. Go head on. There are butterflies on her crown as well as Three hiding under her thrown. She sits offering something protected by her sword. On her thrown is an angel child and perhaps this child is always on her mind.

Card Meaning

The past is gone and the future looks uncertain, but you don’t want to be faithless or fearful. You want to be at peace with yourself or your predicament and for your incentive to be restored. Emptiness is a necessary vacuum. A cup that is already full has no room for more.

You need to be independent. Empathy may distract you. Think with your head, not with your heart. Devote your full attention and concentration to your situation or the volume of information will overwhelm you. Tell it like it is.

Physical Description – Red head or dark brown hair, gray/hazel or blue eyes. Graceful. Powerful intelligent woman. In a position of authority, she has the influence over the ability to make decisions. She is probably separated, divorced or widowed.

Personality Traits – She has a fondness for music and dancing. She is able to speak on other people’s behalf, but can also cause mental manipulations. Independent, rational, cool in a crises. Very alert to undercurrents, and should not be underestimated.