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Thought for the day: On ego, perspective, and reality

The reality you perceive is the reality you interpret, but it is the only sense of ‘what is’ that you can ever have; you may as well treat it as real, just be sure to remind yourself now and then that since this is the case, what you’re interpreting is telling the world what’s inside you. Oh, and you are shaping how the world sees you by what you tell others ‘is real’.

This being said, only ego keeps one tied to appearances and perspectives; so ask often:

– “What is it of me that demands this other person behave as I think they should?”
– “What is it of me that demands this situation should be as I want it?”
– “What is it of me that demands others are obliged to believe/feel/do/think things as I do?”
– “What is it of me that requires the above things to matter so very much?”

For that matter, ask these things of what you think you see in others or in events… this opens you up to other possibilities and you may well be surprised at the results of considering them.