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Random thoughts in this moment…

– It takes a ridiculously long time to check the blocks of a 1tb drive.

– I’ve lost the massive genealogy file that contained the entries from the old, family bible (itself, long lost many moon ago); sadness.

– My daughter is coming to visit August 18th through the 21st; happiness!

– I am finally… almost… burnt out on MMO gaming.

– Dramatica Pro still receives far less of my time than I think it should; but I’m still only thinking about it.

– I’m going to have to completely reformat the book currently for sale as I dislike the formatting and am appalled at what they’re charging for what arrives in the customer/buyer’s mailbox.

– Something about everything going smoothly and well makes me nervous; ghosts in need of final rest, I suppose.

– Laughing at myself is the best way I know to move through taking anything about me, life, or events too seriously.