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Review of a review: On Bazer about G+

Humor, this? I think not… Oh, look! Another someone looking to polish their apple by taking a shot at a large company! Catch me; I may keel over from the shock!

I wish I could say this was an amusing bit of satire, but it has a decidedly “sour grape” tone that ruins any such conclusion.

I wish I could say this was a particularly apt bit of analysis, but the glib derision masquerading as critique neatly eliminates any possibility that the author care for concepts such as “ease of use” or “user privacy” – two aspects of this offering that deftly distinguish it from the ever-intrusive, always-mercenary Facebook.

I wish I could say this was even a comprehensive review that considered the offering in context of the larger move to the cloud (you know, that massive and rapidly growing area of interest in the industry?), but it would appear that someone who makes a living shilling for an industry wallowing in its death throes (that would be print media, friend) rather enjoys the “stylishness” of those traditional blinders and thus, is more than a little ignorant of the broader perspective and innovation that Google brings into social media with this latest offering.

In fact, the only thing this article and this author make beautifully and painfully clear is that it and he are amongst the rapidly dwindling crowd of neo-luddites who have held fast against the “evil, evil Internet” for lo, these many years; whether in the sad hope that their own, little piece of “celebrity” might not be eroded or that, perhaps, they might stave off yet a while longer the need to accept and acknowledge the reality that media of all sort has never been “a steward” of information for the people (regardless the hubris of many who would so assert), but a servant and supplier to the people.

Newsflash, buddy – the audience has educated themselves; we’re more insightful, more savvy, more proactive, and more intelligent than to take the angst-ridden moans of pop culture vulture seriously.

Had you bothered to at all grant relevancy and validity to the fact that ten million (and counting) people are happily enjoying the G+ beta, had you even remotely tried to understand the vision and goals driving Google’s continued efforts in this area, and if you had but bothered to consider how three attempts, regardless failures, speaks to a commitment and interest in a larger, greater good on the part of Google, perhaps then you might have caught a glimmer of something that draws everyone who contemplates it: This isn’t about “social media” and it certainly isn’t about the latest, greatest way to subjugate it to a revenue stream.

But, who am I kidding? This is the line of demarcation between the media of old and that of the new; the difference between those who cannot conceive of collaboration for being too interested in control.

Frankly, m’dear, we don’t give a damn if you “get it” or not; it is here, it is succeeding, and, like most things in life, either you get on the bandwagon or you get left behind.

The article regarding which this is written may be found here: Link.