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Revisiting Polaris

I remember you
Flash of light from such distance
Called you Polaris

So you seemed to me
In that time of great darkness
You flickered, you shone

I was so confused
Mixed up memes and metaphors
Needed to be close

To understand you
I needed a new language
Visceral difference

I could not learn it
You could not teach it to me
Only frustration

Here, it has softened
Quiet study over time
Brings understanding

Now, only an ache
Memory of old bruises
The painful phantom

No way to travel
Cannot tend historic wounds
I wish that I could

I content myself
That you have forgotten all
Indifference reigns

Not yet finding it
Sometimes, at night, think of you
Smile to think you well

Odd timing tonight
A friend sends a tender gift
Not coincidence

“I know this is true,
If it sounds hurtful to me,
I misunderstood.”

Echoing karma
Tender compassion given
An odd tug and ache

I still watch the sky
Send thoughts via Polaris
Always wish you well

I know this is true,
If it sounds hurtful to me,
I misunderstood

Such a small statement
Gives benefit of the doubt
Love’s kindest gifting

Not ruddy Eros
Kindly, quiet Agapos
Whispered to a star

It seems much longer
Than a silly, six year thought
But I maintain it

My promise, given
Quoth, “Always and in all ways”
Now, “All ways but one”

I remember you
For gifts given and things learned
Still, they rise to me

Eternal blooming
Just as you said it would be
I remain thankful

This is not the end
White shores are ever calling
And friendship remains

(MP3 Available: Revisiting Polaris)