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More doctor fun. I am now taking 6 pills in the morning and, depending on the day of the week, up to 2 at night. I am reminded of Lil, the old woman who lived in New Jersey (P)’s mother, who I nursed for two years through a broken back and getting out of that bed and back on her feet. At 89. She took a load of pills every morning. She definitely took more than I am now. She’s my new marker; when I take more pills than Lil did every morning, THEN I have something about which to complain.

More tests. I am slated for the Encocrinologist; will find out when today when I call (had to wait on the referral and just as well as I also had to go for other tests as the result of yesterday’s visit). The reality of what this means to the rest of my life is finally sinking in…. I find myself somewhat angry that the only thing I have ever been able to count on in this life, myself, is now letting me down. Meh. But that is an entirely different kettle of worms that I just don’t have the luxury of being able to tip over right now, what with trying to keep everything moving forward and on track.

On the good news side of the hill, my daughter is coming out to visit in August. I was hoping for her to be here on my birthday, but she tells me that school starts that day, so no dice. Meh. I have it like that; consistently something that constitutes a “hard stop” for someone is happening on the one day of the year I pick or which picked me. Heh. Oh well.

Not much more, really. Keeping busy which is nice and probably helpful.

I hope you are well and that life is being good to you.

Today’s haiku:

Life hands you lemons
They say, “Make lemonade” but
Never offer help