autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.


Rimini and Cesena, cities fair
Between them, rest you calmly
Along the straight and narrow
For all your twists and turns

Eastward, the rising sun,
Lays in brilliant splendor,
To the sea, through sleepy mountains
Rome, denied your depths

As am I, as am I

Borderline, thick and unyielding
Not even floods of time truly crossing
For all you change course,
To some things, yet true

Just not I, just not I

Military power in a non-receptive land
Caesar’s humble die, cast
Sloshing strides, heedless passage
No protection from internal threat

Nor had I, nor had I

To cross the Rubicon
Is to commit to revolutionary act
The point of no return,
As some these days would say

As did I, as did I

History of a long dried river
That once flowed lush defiance
Against all chance or change
No quarter ever be given

No reason why, no reason why

The story at its ending
The river long denied
The hopeful die, again be cast
Though damned be they who try

Wave goodbye, wave goodbye