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Seatbelt… bag?

If you read here often, then you know it’s pretty darn rare that I endorse or recommend products; first and foremost, I’m not that great a “consumer” and I don’t really live a consumer lifestyle. More importantly, I’m leery (at best) of making a recommendation that disappoints or otherwise doesn’t live up to the expectation set when I recommend it.

All the above said, I’m really quite pleased to recommend a nifty company called “Harveys” and, in particular, the Berkeley Bag:

Harvey makes their bags from seatbelts (!!); they offer a “guaranteed tough for life” warranty that lays it all out quite nicely (and saves me the typing, which I much appreciate).

Their products are sturdy, extraordinarily light-weight, stylish, and yes, tough. I am thoroughly loving the swing and capacity of this bag and it has become my new favorite for city strolling and keeping it all together while busing back and forth to work or kicking around town. Being a Seattle-ite, I’m quite happy with its apparent water-shucking abilities, too.

What I didn’t know is they offer a pretty impressive range of offerings for both genders; impressively extensive use of seatbelts, folks; very nice, indeed.