autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.


Stranger on a board
Out on ocean, meditating
Small, like a pebble

Free of distractions
Lost-and-then-again-found being
Adrift, afloat, free

Selkie, innocence
Bobbing upon tranquil waves
Whispering to gulls

If they steal your pelt
Define you as what you seem
Trapped, you become it

Shifter of the sea
No more carefree, windtossed life
Only shoreside tears

I seek not your pelt
No captive definitions
Just to share in life

These playful splashings
Do they seem as threats to you?
I can’t tell from here

I have my own cloak
Thus, there is no need of yours
Simple truths are best

Spinning slender thread
To travel better than words
Casting across waves

It floats there, waiting
When waterlogged, it will sink
Will you retrieve it?

Pull me closer still?
Show me wisdom found on waves?
Share it with a smile?