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Shedding the skin (haiku chain)

Down from Olympus
Lightning bolt and stormy sky
Unexpected end

The harpy cackles
All “I told you so” happy
With tears in her eyes

The weight again tugs
Unexpected pull, lurching
Balance forsakes me

Nemesis of mine
Follow me like a shadow
Eternal presence

Suffocating fear
Smothers possibility
Snuffs sweetest incense

I stare at the phone
Silent, numb, and castaway
Goodbye, so easy

Wish I never knew
Feeling of confirmation
Sense of victory

So very foolish
With all my hopeful giving
My dandelions

Scattered, on the ground
The seeds, like raindrops, falling
Twin analogy

Something deeper stirs
From within the dark abyss
Stronger, more able

Oh, this too, shall pass
Cushion of time will find me
Sense of hope, depart

Yearning to forget
Refusing to find anger
I am letting go

Giving back the world
Handing it back hastily
Take it, take it all