autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

sinto saudades de você (the first)

in the quiet dark of early morning
alone like adam on the first day
pondering life and the world
not yet settled enough to think of self
the flit of thoughts, like dew,
cascading over levels of mind
as ‘the day’ (per se) begins
work to avoid placing the boundary
no netting of what is or is not possible
all things, remaining, nebulous and free
quivering upon the edge of being, becoming
i smile to think of things still possible
i smile to think you do the same
or might, since, you see
this is the point of infinite possibility
like lightening, it could happen
strike with unexpected fury
meet hope with hope, explosively
happy tears into shoulders
muttering of how we knew
it was just a matter of time
i am as optimistic as the sun
or maybe it’s that i am as dutiful
regardless, my first thoughts on any day
every day, are of the generic and many ‘yous’
who make up my family, my world
those i miss and care for, those who feel lost to me
those who are merely distant
those who have passed beyond
those who are tenses and adjectives
rather than in range for hugging
sinto saudades de você