autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

Sirah and sightings (haiku chain)

Rose-tinted glasses
Blinking crimson miasma
Trying to focus

A sayonara?
Siento, senorita,
Oh, the saudade

Hiccups and laughter
On an almost Spring time night
Sloshed in translation

Swirl you in my mouth
Memories, like a Sirah
Resin upon lips

“I want to kiss you
And punctuate our friendship.”
Repeated softly

Resonate echoes
Within the long-lost canyon
Years ago shouted

We were fearless then,
Drunk upon life’s sweetest wine,
Closeness and caring

I remember it,
The nostalgic hangover,
Pounding like a heart

Simple targeting,
A double-vision hindsight,
Swirling in the glass

Still I remember,
Not Sirah, but Sangria
Polarizing red

Stir the atria,
The eve of heart’s holiday
So very timely

“Honor the lush pulse.”
Obligingly, tip the glass
Feel it slipping down

Into sacred space
Into the empty quiet
Where Mnemosyne flows

Infinite ruby
Ribbons of the eternal
All things rest in peace