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Six of Pentacles (embrace success)

Today’s Card: Six of Pentacles (analysis courtesy of

Card Symbology

In the Rider Waite deck, the Six of Pentacles shows a man dressed in a purple robe, indicating he is wealthy, holding a balanced scale in one hand, representing equality, and feeding two beggars with his other hand. Not only does this card reflect the state of being materially secure, it also tells us that you are able to use the abundance in your life for the benefit of others.

Card Meaning

The six of pentacles means balance and giving with regard to money and security. The giving of gifts and possessions. If describing a person it is someone who is generous and gives to charity.

Prosperity. Success. Physical attainment/accomplishment. Charitable attitude, sensitivity to others needs, sharing resources. Generosity. Money put to good use. Help from someone. Sharing, generosity and charity. Domination/submission, hierarchy. A force that holds together or reconciles the opposites in life. Although nothing is reconciled, but the situation maintains the balance and keeps it going). The scales are balanced, so he gives what he feels he will not miss. A person who relates easily to others, yet always holds back his or her deepest feelings. Giving people what they are able to receive. Putting yourself in a position to receive what you are able to receive. The concept of life providing what you need, as long as you are able to receive it. A person who dominates another, who gives, but also from a basis of superiority. There is an element of balance though, since the people involved are well matched.

The six of pentacles is the money in-money out card. It is often giving someone a loan, or a gift of money, you get some you give it away and it comes back to you. it can also be an act of charity, money is not stagnant with the card, it is moving. But be careful not to deplete your resources here. This can also be giving of yourself, a volunteer position or something like that. Also you could be on the receiving end of a gift like this with this card.

The six of pentacles will provide generosity and kindness to your situation resulting in gain for you. Another person will contribute to your efforts resulting in your success. Material gain may be indicated. Want what’s rightfully or legally yours to be given back or to be reinstated in your profession or status. There ARE answers available and the key to solving problems is to stop thinking about them. This card follows appropriately upon the difficulties expressed in the Five of Pentacles.

In the six, you as the questioner may be represented either by the rich merchant or by the beggars at his feet. In any case, there is a sense of peace and happiness about this card because it indicates the ending of the tribulation expressed by the five. The merchant represents not only the attainment of prosperity and financial stability, but also the experience of psychological peace in your relationship to money.