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Six of Swords, reversed (moving on)

Today’s Card: Six of Swords, reversed (analysis courtesy of

Card Symbology

The Six of Swords appears to project a somewhat sad, melancholy feeling. However, there are both positive and negative aspects to this card, like any other card in the Tarot deck. The card depicts a woman and a young child being ferried across a body of water toward a land just in the distance. Is the ferryman the woman’s husband or simply a hired hand? In any case, the woman’s head is covered, indicating sadness or loss as she moves away from something in her past. The water to the right of the boat is turbulent, but the water to the left and near the land to which they are journeying is calm and steady. Although there is an indication of change or loss in this card, and therefore a sense of “moving away” from something, there is also a sense of “moving toward” a new life. The waters in the distance are calm, and we are moving away from turmoil and conflict toward peace and tranquillity.

Card Meaning

The Six of Swords reversed indicates a necessary mental transition from one state to another. Although it is difficult to turn your back on the past, your future destination is going to bring you much greater benefits. There may have been regret in having to leave behind a part of your life (it could be a home, job, relationship, etc.), but you know that you have indeed made the right decision.