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Snow and stuck-ed-ness

The area of town in which I live does not get much in the way of snow, so when it does, things immediately roll sideways. (wry grin)

I woke up at 5 and noticed the snow outside. Ugh. They haven’t a routine (it seems) for managing this. Streets are not salted, no sound of plows to be heard, and when I walked down to check the mail and pick up the weekly newsletter for the apartment, I discovered that the ramp out of our secure parking garage is a sheet of ice. One of my neighbors informed me (that someone told them) they watched another resident pour water down the ramp trying to remove a small patch of ice keeping them from getting out of the garage.

Now, it’s a sheet of ice and no one can get out. Brilliant, eh?

The answering service has that weary tone that tells you they’ve had more than a few calls complaining, but the maintenance crew doesn’t get here until 10am.

Soooo… it seems the variables are adding up in a way that convinces me to just accept what is and stay home. You know, don’t ask for trouble.

I am hopeful that it warms enough to deal with the roads so that tomorrow is not more of the same. Reckon we’ll see.


I don’t mind the snow
But the loss of all traction
Is futility