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Switching lanes

In thinking about all the recent kerfluffle over Google, the NSTIC, choice, and privacy, I really cannot imagine there is much more to be said (though I suspect there will be much re-said, argued, and reconstituted here and there until some manner of conclusion arrives). So, unless something new comes along, I think I’m going to shift gears, switch lanes, and get back to life as usual. Suffice to say as a closing item of note that I shall not be availing myself of any identification service until such time as either it is a government mandate that is managed, legislated, and maintained BY the government (with all the protections that implies) OR the company offering the service also provides a clear, consistent, and immediate ability to disengage and removal all personal information upon request. Needless (?) to say, I sincerely hope that any such effort will incorporate the “dot rights” perspective as championed by a variety of outlets (i.e., the ACLU, the EFF, EPIC, etc).

For now, I return to “business as usual” with a single caveat: Should anyone arrive here and find value in my efforts on this matter, I am open to discussion about writing upon it further (or upon any topic where expression/speech, consumer choice, privacy, and technology align or otherwise converge). I invite you to reach out to me using the contact form at the top of this page to explore.

For my friends and peers who remain embroiled, I sincerely hope that reason will win the day; had I the thought that I could more fully contribute, I would do so and, to this end, I invite you as well to reach out to me should you have specific ideas on how/where I might do so.

Auspicious thoughts and best wishes for fruitful outcomes to us all.