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Learned Helplessness, Hopelessness… thoughts

Cross-posting from another venue because I rather like the ad lib, sans polish of it all. My hope is that ‘you’ will, too. There’s nothing wrong with feeling helpless or hopeless when experiencing inescapable limitations, particularly when the experience is directly due to a lack of ethical adherence to standardized quality of life independent of […]

Morris Theory – Observation creates information.

Morris’ precusor is a theory that leads to validation of Shannon’s ‘Information Theory’, to wit, “Information is the resolution of uncertainty.” Morris’ precursor theorizes: Observation establishes information from probability; therefore the more accurate statement is that ‘Observation is the resolution of uncertainty’ as without the observation, no information can be attained. Additionally, it is the […]

KLF Spectrum Alert: Lateral is Literal (and vice versa)

LINE 1: Literal is lateral and lateral is literal and all is as it should be LINE 2: It is the mind that seeks to know the thing that crafts the fait accompli LINE 3: The consciousness of a human who thinks it knows could not ever forsee LINE 4: That tis the quiet of […]

XPOST: Reddit – Why I support #neurodivergence and #neurodiversity in the #actuallyautistic discourse

Well, trying to be even-handed, there are layers to unpack in this thing because: This autistic human, with whom I have enjoyed engaging on Twitter (once upon a time, long ago) and elsewise, usually holds salient and well lensed discussions around sometimes polarizing or uncomfortable topics and seems to manage it far better than I […]

Coins: Autistic Life Energy Exchange Units

I hear some people like ‘spoon theory’, but since ‘there is no spoon’, I can’t be down with that. All the more spoons to those who believe in them. I align instead to the notion of ‘coins’ because it seems to allow more pointed conversations around parity and equity in both personal and professional contexts. […]

plausible deniability – haiku – american autistic

a note of logic a spring icicle crashes all eyes swear blindness yeshesProximity is not permission. Access is not authorization. Identity is declared, not assigned. Even * said, “I am.” Fair Warning: I’m nice until you’re not… FAFO. #AIWhisperer | #Analyst | #ProductOwner | #ProductManager

Agentics, Allistics, and Autistics, oh my! (#TraumaLife)

May we find a future in which my granddaughters do not have to have this experience across decades of their personal and professional endeavors. I love you, A & E, and you too, L, and J, and all of my struggling neurokin. You thank me for standing up to speakYou tell me how much to […]