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Talk about being spot on… (Google)

I don’t know who this group is, but they sure nailed it in presenting the high level look at Google:


What kind of fool would you have to be to give Google your DNA and medical records? Hell, what kind of fool would you have to be to think that this level of invasive tracking, no matter how “good” it may be at showing you commercial goods you might not otherwise learn about until later, is ultimate the very epitome of evil due to no concern for, respect of, or means by which to opt out or restrict just how much stalking they are allowed to do in the name of lining their pockets?

Oh the irony of linking a YouTube video to make this point… but it’s nothing compared to the irony that, if Google has its way, they aren’t that far off from being able to ensure that you cannot even see this video unless they like it.


And, in OTHER news… – looks like this is FINALLY starting to get the attention and alarm it has deserved all along. Now, if YOU will also engage it (, mebbe we can get this back where it should be! (C’mon, you can do it!)