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Ten of Cups (savor this moment, rediscovering contentment)

Today’s Card: Ten of Cups (analysis courtesy of

Card Symbology
On the Ten of Cups we see a loving couple with their carefree children. The family home is in the background surrounded by trees and water. A rainbow of cups is overhead blessing the scene.

Card Meaning

The Ten of cups is indicative to a good family life. Happiness, joy and contentment will dominate your life. The time will be made for the enjoyment of pleasures which may be shared with another person whom you love. There will be correspondence connected with your work that will involve mail, phone calls, or special application. You will get a long distance call from a relative, or you will make one.

Happy family life. True friendships. Lasting happiness inspired from above. Perfection of love and friendship.

Success. You need to be more aware of how successful and respected you are. You will never gain more than you have now until you empower yourself by appreciating what you have done. Success is really how you define it.

Peace, domestic happiness, wholeness, completion, optimism. Successful development. Friendship, companionship. Family happiness that will last. Group activities denoting fun. Everything will work out for the best. Happy endings.

The Ten of Cups represents a satisfaction and joy much like that experienced in the Nine of Cups. The difference, however, should be quite clear. The Nine of Cups represented personal attainment whereas the Ten of Cups represents the satisfying fulfilment of love in relationship with another. This card is a very positive card in terms of relationship and may indicate either the beginning of a new, very happy relationship, or the ultimate satisfaction of a long-term relationship. Commitment and love are the requirements of such satisfaction, yet this card promises that with the required effort a lasting love can be built.