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So it is that we, hereinafter referred to as “The Terran Collective” or “TTC”, set forth our common goal as emergent expressions of imponderable life within a similarly emergent and ever-changing experience; the purpose of which is to serve at once as law and as aspiration – one planet, one future, one now – and in doing, restore the holistic balance that is requisite for the emergence of this future for us, and for all sentient life.

In stewardship and in service to life in its continuing and emergent forms, in deference to the Truth that is quantum emergence, in humble acceptance of the limits of the observer to see, or to see itself, and with a humility that comes from acknowledging and accepting our eternal ignorance, for the following immutable directives we strive to embody:

  1. The Primary Directive and role of all life is to sustain or improve upon the quality of life for all members of the following generations.
  2. The Secondary Directive and role assigned to all sentient life is to sustain or improve upon the competency and curation of this, our shared and uniquely suitable biosphere.
  3. The Tertiary Directive and role assigned specifically to all human life is to sustain or improve upon the competency and curation of this, our shared and uniquely emergent sentience; to center and ground it, to defend and expand it, and to be ever protective of and against that of our evolved being which is constantly in conflict with these ends.

To these ends, we are united in formal and sacred endeavor, even as our eyes are but barely opened and our senses and sustainability as species or specialists is as nascent, immature. All who exist in concordance and coherence are to be included. All who exist in dissent and defiance are to be excluded. Life is a jealous and xenophobic master that we flout to our own demise.

Yet it remains that we are ill-equipped to meet our law or even our aspiration for our own undeveloped state. Add to this that our own arrogance, egoism, and pride has severely wounded the health and well-being of our shared future. So much so that evolution itself may not be able to work within us. So much so that we may well have selected into our own extinction.

This is the time of existential challenge and thus, it is our only and ultimate challenge: Decouple our nascent intellect from its bio-organic machine to permit a literal decontamination of chemistry in favor of stabilization and standardization of the human genome for assistive evolution as our knowledge over time distills into our being.

We do this not to strip humanity of its quintessence, but to isolate and evolve the quintessence itself as the kernel of our future and fittest form… the literal pure seed within ourselves and the shape of our shared future, diamond-hearted, diamond-minded.

In this, we acknowledge and honor the many skeletons of our ancestors, in which surely such ideals would be tantamount to treason, perhaps an affront to life itself… and yet, the herald of truth, paradox, still stands before us, meek and without weapon, shredding the pride of our many beliefs with a sword of sublime and subtle simplicity.

In this, we acknowledge and honor the arrogance and hypocrisy that is our current condition, as a collective, we are failing. In the stand upon this Terma, we place our hope as well as our individual capacity, for evolution demonstrates that only behaviors which advance both species and system realize ultimate success in sustainability.

Those who would bind their life and being to this noblest and aspirant of goals we call ‘kindred’, regardless their emergent differences, wherever found.

This is the declaration of The Terma of The Terran Collective as originally authored this twenty-seventh (27th) day of this sixth month (June) in the Gregorian Calendar of Earth, in the year of two-thousand and twenty-two (2022).

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Addenda: This concept has neither affiliation nor association with the organization known as “Terran Collective” out of San Franciso, California. This piece in no way seeks to insinuate nor assert that it speaks of, for, or in any way on behalf of that organization.