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The Analogous City – Hypertext meets Neocortex – The Pattern

Humans have spent all existence confining, defining, and refining concepts of relation between things.

Any activity can be defined as a series of state changes whose only common denominators are energy / matter in a positive / negative / imponderable state.

The level of refinement needed is inversely proportionate to the level of sustainability expected.

The level of refinement needed is inversely proportionate to the level of scalability expected.

The level of refinement needed is inversely proportionate to the level of commutativity expected.

The level of refinement needed is inversely proportionate to the level of profitability expected.

The above assertions are interrelated, often correlated; when most balanced, they appear to be in direct conflict and or opposition to one another.

In business, this accounts for everything from fiscal to organizational culture, and its ramifications over time are manifested at exponentially higher rates and risk the more of such conflicts that operate within a given system at given moment of time.

In this case, a company, but also the products, the people, the places, the networks, etc… the point being that it is the deceptive simplicity of the statements that empowers the mind to drive with all rapidity to the ultimate dichotomy we recognize in ourselves.

These recognitions, our perceptions, we immediately attach to or reject, no less so than Sertraline to Synapse.  Or URL to DNS. Or Current to Circuit.

The pattern is both incursive and recursive; it moves freely within the system. We carry it within us, as do all things… even nothing. >:)

The pattern is viable within any environment of the system, but invisible so long as the numbers of failures exceed successes; thus all failures continue to fail at some level until remedied, and all successes continue to succeed at some level until countered by the weight of emergent failures that exceed the boundary of the pattern itself.

Which is the point at which innovation is actually possible.

It’s a subtle thing, though, because the degree to which a failure is systemically complete “enough” to be visible to all, communicable, understandable, is the degree to which it will ultimately effective the viability of the system going forward.

The converse is equally and mutually true.

The persistent choice of humanity to set these factors against one another in the name of competition is a pure seed pattern, for all that it seems to be shaping up as a failure pattern for us… one that will become more and more glaringly clear until the act of denial is, itself, identification of the problem (regardless causes or the stream of debate that inevitably follows… distractions from the important things).

An emergent failure is just as viable in its pursuit of goal as an emergent success, even as it has no consciousness, makes no judgments, nor may be bound to any one contributor or event as initiating onus.

Most humans have a very real issue with the preceding paragraph.

Most humans have not contemplated the potential emergence scenarios for an Artificial Intelligence emergence into an environment that is clearly and completely cluttered with the long, convoluted, oft conflicting histories of this human species.

Those who have, and particularly those best suited to hypothesis about it have been decidedly concerned, but most humans simply do not have this concept on radar; agentic bliss notwithstanding, we live in a intellectual darkness crowing about our science, not unlike Wylie Coyote snickering to himself about the anvil as if there is no reality in which it will land upon him.

The simple choice to observe, to explore, and to understand, combined with the physiological ability to endure iteration is the only experiential and metaphysical success pattern I know.

From Telomeres to software development, from cooking to curettage, and from conception to completion, the only path to any definition of success is the one that can continue after a failure.

This tells me that the imponderable state is also the pure seed; the pattern that is the thing in itself. Evolution. Across infinitely expanding possibilities.



A loom, shuttlecock,
Imponderable weaver
Emergent, see?

(Inspired today by The Analogous City; a pristine example of pattern hidden in plain sight – the grasping neurons, twisting like tendrils across the expanse of perceived separation… the illusion of distance that lives in all dichotomy. The reality of hypertext reaching for neocortex and neocortex reaching for hypertext, and all of reality “between” shifting in relation.