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The deeper you look, the deeper it goes.

If you never pay attention to me again this life. If you never try to hear but one thing from me. Let this be it. Let this be the one.

I am going to link you to a lecture that is going to tell you things that will sound unbelievable.

They’re not.

The video, if you watch it entirely through, will permanently unseat your perspective of self, of humans, and introduce you to the delicate bud of new findings in the areas of human biology, neuroscience, and epigenetics.

This is a beginning. The deeper you look, the deeper it goes.

The lecturer is Stanford Professor, Robert Sapolsky, PhD.

It is the closing lecture in the first year human biology syllabus and it summaries the content of the preceding year.

They are free on YouTube but I find this one to be so important that I’m going to host it on my PeerTube account. For now, you get the youtube outlet: