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The key to attaining any noble goal (stream of thought)

I have often said that any “noble goal” is doomed the moment that an interest other than “it” finds motivation toward pressing for ascendancy; the moment this occurs in the mind of any participant within the group , the “noble goal” is irrevocably corrupted, undone, and made impossible.

Usually, it is but a matter of time for the corruption to become visible; but the reality of the “noble goal” itself being, in fact, undone and made impossible frequently languishes for denial of this being the case.

The cycles of conflict in the name of denial, the spinning up of avoidance, justification, and rationale are effectively infinite; the human ego seeks always to keep at bay accountability, humiliation, loss, and responsibility if/when motivation to ascendancy is involved.

Thus, it seems logical to say that the only way to ensure against our human tendency to corrupt ANY noble goal beyond our ability to realize it is to engage in pursuit of it only if/when there is no benefit or gain from which such motivation may be birthed.

Ergo, altruism is the key to attaining any noble goal.