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The life of a/an [Insert title here]

This one is currently making the rounds… they call it “The Expert”, but you could easily apply it to most any role that requires specialization at any depth. Naturally, when I watched it, “The Analyst” fit perfectly.

Go ahead. Watch it. I think you’ll find you can do the same. (chuckle)

The lesson in this, I find, is not new (or even surprising); there are levels of mastery that allow for the immediate determination of outcomes. To those who do not have said mastery, it is most often classified as “argumentative” or “negative” or some other derogatory, dismissive word.

In reality, there is a reason that pretty much anyone brings in “an expert” to do something; so why is it that they oft find themselves having to “fight uphill” to put that expertise to use?

I have my own theories.