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THE Method That WORKS

I made my career doing this for clients and companies under the guise of any number of titles.

Then life tackle-shanked me on several vectors at once and I kind of forgot what I knew because I was busy trying to stabilize my reality and cope with its demands.

This video, dusty indeed, I ran across as I was scanning my archives for content of interest so I’m posting here for myself as well as anyone who ever sees it.

May the medicine of compassion cure all who are sick.

May the medicine of kindness infuse all with joy.

May the medicine of community return to nourish all.

May the medicine of all buddhas fall as the sun, the rain.

My dream: Help others formulate their individual dreams and acknowledge perceived disadvantages as part of a community restoration and expansion practice.

My obstacles are:

  • an autistic brain that does not “math” (nothing above basic operations – the symbols are non-fungible to me – consistently), which,
  • impedes completion of traditional core credit math syllabi required to move on and forward in attaining any credentialed professional counseling degree, despite academic excellence otherwise.
  • the need for a significant investment in technology to produce and deliver a series of quality and fruitfulness.