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The mudita of merriment (Improv Everywhere)

The following TedTalk made me “happy cry” because I can think of no better aim in life than to come up with ways to take an otherwise hum-drum, “usual”, and uneventful day and, through the medium of humor, spontaneity, and improv, give something unexpected and beautiful and maybe even life-affirming to others; to complete strangers even (perhaps even more than any other).

I watched this and what I thought of was “mudita” – the Sanskrit word that refers to taking joy in the joy of others; in this case, obviously, doing things that will engender joy in others and yes, enjoying that as well oneself.

Ted decided to call this talk “The shared experience of absurdity”, but I find that has a connotation and undertone that it really doesn’t deserve. I name it instead, “The Mudita of Merriment; Sharing Fun and Laughter Through The Unexpected”.


Joy in any life
Sometimes, a hidden jewel
Discovered by smiles