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The Raven & The Dove

The raven and the dove
Once found the truth of love
But sure as could be guessed
Lost it as their egos strove

“This is best”, “No, I say this.”,
and “This is how it must be!”
Push and pull, pitch and shove, ‘til
They made it fait accompli

Two things (and two alone)
A pure love cannot abide
The first, deny that it is present
The second, either’s trust is unrequite

The raven and the dove
For fear, made feathers fly
And love itself took to wing,
Returning to the sky

By day, its brilliant radiance
By night, its melancholy pale
None but the autumn’s leaf remembers
By its turning, it tells the tale

For all the radiance that finds you
As you walk though this crazy life
Is but the echo of that purest love
Upon you, trying to alight

So heed the change of autumn leaves
Be wiser than this raven and this dove
Accept the love you find in life
However it shines from up above

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