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The reality is outside your perspective

Neuroscience is revealing that biological and chemical differences between humans means there is no shared reality, there is only the perspective this is so.

Now apply this insight to all the things you think you know.

Now apply this insight to all the things you are told are ‘objectivity true’.

Now apply this insight to the concept of knowledge itself; kindly recall that science deals in probabilities, not certainties. Moreover, the conflation of “a point of reasonable certainty” and “an objective certainty” goes largely unchallenged in the world.

Think about how that lack of challenge causes the “reality” we see around us today.

Now, a companion video that pairs with the preceding to make the point:

Math is true by definition because it is a statement of observation, not actuality.

In the same way that our senses and our brains, together, construct reality, observation (information encoded as math), constructs our understanding of what we can observe of reality… as a singular glimpse of an ultimately infinite and changing environment, our observable universe, our unfathomable reality**.

Math is not a statement about the universe for the same reason that our perception and perspective are not a statement about reality – both are in motion, in transition, and in supersymmetric state until they are observed.

You cannot make an objective observation from inside a closed system (and at core, you, you human you, cannot make an objective observation at all).

This is not a flaw in the universe, or in reality, it is a short-coming of our species, and all history, all theory, and all philosophy to date have failed to as much as breathe upon that great, glass bubble.

There. The Great, Glass Bubble theory. Or maybe the ‘Fish In Bowl’ theory.

In answer to Mr. Russell, the following:

A set is a collection of things. It is, by definition, an extension of the concept of ‘number’.

As a set must have at least one member to exist, and a set cannot exist without a single member… it is not possible for a set to be a member of itself.

If there is a set of Turtles, and there is a set of not-Turtles, the set itself “exists” in supersymmetric state until the declaration of the observer is applied to it.

That is to say: The observer, in the act of observing, determines the observation.

The set of non-Turtles is irrelevant to observation until consideration of supersets arises, which is the realm of probability, not certainty.

Once again, the glass bubble.

** – It is established that our capacity to observe is limited by physiology; similarly, our capacity to see outside the glass bubble is limited. We have only just glimpsed the heliosphere, and we’re not really sure we know what we’re seeing. That should be some cool math, once they get the lens to grasp their own limitations.