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The top of my “top 10” peeves list

Without a doubt – passive aggressive behavior.

For those who may not know what this is, it is when someone refuses to respond directly; instead, they “hint”, or use avoidance and silence to “speak for them”. Or, when they do engage, respond, and react, it’s is from the perspective of being “put upon” or somehow as if they are being tasked, punished, or pushed to do things “against their will”.

As an almost polar opposite, I suppose it’s to be expected that the pattern of behavior yanks my chain. I’m working on both not letting it as well as simply cutting out of my life people who cannot respect and care for me enough to be direct.

No, it’s not my fault you’re upset, and it’s certainly not if/when you refuse to tell me why or work with me to resolve it.

No, it’s not my mission in life to “figure out” what you want.

No, it’s not my duty to immediately notice, react, and focus on you whenever, wherever, and however you decide you’re not happy.

If you want something of or from me, then pony up and ask like any other reasonable person.

If you believe or think I’ve somehow “wronged” you, then say so and let’s get it resolved.

If you are upset or angry about something and haven’t the courage or self-respect to say so, don’t expect me to magically know it or do anything about it. I’m no mind reader and I don’t intend to become one anytime soon.

Oh, and if you want to find out what it feels like to be dropped out of my life like a hot potato,  let me find out that you’re regularly engaging in passive-aggressive behavior toward me OR let me see you doing so with others.

Life is TOO SHORT to spend it catering to people for whom it is never enough and who think it is appropriate, correct, or caring to playing “victim” or “martyr”, ever.