autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

Theme Terma

In every particular
regardless venacular
consistently both night and day
to live is to fight
all day and all night
emerging view burning away

So too when there’s peace
the fights never cease
‘desire’ or ‘disdain’ is our play
death, illness, and age
inversely walk life’s stage
as all weakens and passes away

Asia Pacific
to be quite specific
encoded unto this very day
colors and elements
tenets most relevant
that loosely make up ‘the way’

Asia Atlantic
positively pedantic
The Great Vehicle did place on The Wheel
philosophies holisitic
method most yogistic
a literal ‘cure all’ intended to heal

Like all sunrises we ever know
that from East to West ever glow
this triple treasure arrives to your view
‘buddha’ for the teacher
‘dharma’ for the teaching
‘sangha’ for all humans, including you