autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

This really IS an autistic at keyboard, I swear it.

It’s just that I have a number of challenges I’m navigating in this moment. I find that my own inability to correctly “translate” medical professionals means I must follow up on all test results myself, I must convince medical professionals to answer me, and I must, most likely, soon take up the debate podium with the insurance companies.

I’m wait listed for adult assessment and I’ve decided this moves to the top of my list after the dealing with Nephros Herne.

I swear, it’s almost as if the entire medical community goes becomes selectively deaf when I try to do any of this. As a result, I have to break the ol’ pit bitch out of her cage. I really prefer not needing to do that. It’s stressful to all involved and, while I always receive what was rightfully to be provided in the end, both providers and insurance companies are unhappy with me for not just letting them make all these decisions without my input or approval.

I had my ultra sound today and boy, is that a freaking HUGE stone. There is no way that thing is being handled by lithotripsy, but I guarantee you that my insurance company will REQUIRE that I have that procedure before they will approve surgical removal.

Silly, isn’t it? They’ll pay for two procedures to prove they only needed one… after the fact.

Ok. Yeah, sure. Seems legit. <sarcasm>

In the meanwhile, UTI, pain, stiffness, and infections are the words of the day. Still having trouble clearing urine and it looks like I’ll be this way at least through next week. My RN friend (retired), who worked triage and ICU tells me it shouldn’t take TOO long since I match protocol almost to the letter for surgery.

I’m almost glad that I was forced to learn how to “look NT” even as it has caused me many more problems than it has solved. It allows me to surprise those who want to treat me like an unimportant number or a finance case.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition, and no one expects me.