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Three of Wands (looking ahead)

Today’s Card: Three of Wands (analysis courtesy of

Card Symbology
On the Three of Wands, we see a figure standing on a cliff looking out over the sea to distant mountains. From this height, he sees all that lies ahead and is aware of the impending challenges and opportunities.

Card Meaning

The three of wands shows a person standing on a hill gazing far out into the distance. It indicates you in a position of strength as you control what happens around you. This is a card of vision and foresight – looking for greater possibilities. This card asks you to be a visionary – to dream beyond current limitations. The three of wands tells you that now is the time to accept your vision and be confident that you will achieve it. You are being encouraged to move fearlessly into new areas.

Threes represent the idea of creation, gifts, challenges, opportunities and imagination. New directions and growths can take place. There is divine creation and spirituality and a regeneration of creativity.

The Three Wands represents enterprises and business. Negotiations will be successful. Your position in the financial world may be strengthened through a joint venture.

Want a successful partnership or union and to overcome the nagging feeling of fear or apprehension concerning it. Put your energies into constructive ideas or cooperative partnerships that are aligned with you or what you want, and have more faith.

The number Three represents the initial fulfilment of the union of opposites symbolized in the number two. Two lovers come together and a third element, a child, is the fruit of their joining together. This card represents the undertaking of a creative project or goal. It also signifies the change and the challenges represented by this new beginning. Just as having a child is only the beginning of a long lifetime of relationship, the beginning of a new venture is only just the beginning.

Patience. Purpose. Energy to move in new directions. Travel across borders for career or study. Successful enterprise. Remaining emotionally calm, yet mentally alert. Lasting success.

A Card of Luck. Worries will be resolved. Ship will come in. Be more patient. Troubles will soon be at an end.

Products and productivity. Manufacture, sale or distribution of products. Expanding horizons whilst having a stable home base to work from. Accomplishment, strength, rested and unthreatened.

In “love” readings, can indicate looking for new lovers or friends while maintaining an existing relationship.

For a person struggling with the past, the Three of Wands can indicate the Querent becoming at peace with his or her memories. The sun is a symbol of contentment, and it lights up the river, the emotional life, with a warm golden light. The boats represent that part of us which explore deep experience, the man expresses the importance of rooting ourselves in ordinary reality before we attempt metaphysical journeys,

Opportunity. You need to become more aware of the opportunities that exist for you right now. There may be more than you are aware of. To best see and take advantage of them you must concentrate, cooperate and remain open-minded.

The Three of Wands relates to business and enterprise, the successful beginning of a project and the laying of plans for the future. It represents career and life-style, which is full of ideas and energy, opportunities and prospects for the near future looking optimistic. It suggests that a recently begun enterprise is successful. Business may be brisk, and there will be many good ideas. However, the Three of Wands does not know how to get down to work. It wants something out of reach, yet love and care for others is very strong.

The querent may recently have begun a new job, or will receive an offer for a new position soon. Cooperation is key now, and negotiations should be successful. The querent may be a person interested in communication and human relations and the commerce between people. She may also be someone skilled at seeing the connections in life, or someone who seeks to develop and understand connections; where she is, where she has been, and where she is going.

A successful beginning of a project or inspiration and fire of the artist or the inventor. The basis of the work is firmly established and the undertaking can be fearlessly continued.