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thunderstorm (08-2007)

not sure how this did not make it here. found it in an rtf file. posting for the archives.

shaking the walls, resonating
sheets of rain like
angry tongues, lashing
spiking and surging
as my wiring sizzles
i can hear traffic
sloshing whitewalls
gutters run
with oily wakes
distant growls as
the tempest moves north
my aching joints say
there will be more
sirens and shouts
people in the parking lot
the drunk downstairs
screams obscenities
at the sky
as if it has personally
decided to ruin his night
though how rain
makes it impossible to drink
i cannot say
the cats are skittish
wide eyes and looking to me
for a cue, a clue
i laugh and remind them
theirs are the better senses
distant thunder
zeus is on a roll
i ponder sky movements
and puddles left behind