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Time To Decide, America: In Peace, or In Pieces?

No one listens, no one processes, no one challenges their intake or decision processes today.

If they did, what I’m about to say would be the narrative, rather than this vapid, psychedelic vomit that is today’s “media and entertainment” machine.

The United States is dying. Literally dying. Right now. As I type.

Practically every American reading, at this point, is formulating all the completely valid arguments and entirely rational considerations, and of course, supporting authorities and citation; as if they are the only ones that exist.

Or they will respond as they have been somewhat callously conditioned to respond by business, lobby, and government.

That is to say, as instructed by their “higher authority”… they are the woefully well-pressed grapes… Lucre Heme™ – drained as completely dry as the rivers and lakes of our nation.

Figuratively and literally, ironically.

They march like they think themselves crusaders. So has every pawn of history marched. They open their arteries to empty themselves and die upon capitalism’s proverbial hill: living, human sand bags buffering those predatory speculators, those sociopath executives, and the rest of these loophole worshiping sophists as they contemptuously ignore the future to build their untouchable, golden charter jets, and boats, and bunkers.

To leave all of us there, watching them depart, incensed and impotent, their ultimate depredation, complete.

And this is now an American way of doing things.

To create so much tension and aversion in, well, everything, that it becomes easy for them to complete handling their real interests, which are decidedly not America nor American, only mercenary.

And while this is happening, China is slowly accelerating their own desires to take what they see as their rightful place as “A Superpower”.

They have studied us. Closely.

They have learned from us. Carefully.

They have laid their plan along the pathways we no longer are inclined to walk… and they have succeeded precisely because we have allowed ourselves to become more complacent than global economy forecasting or planetary ecology ever would support.

The penultimate insult before the ultimate injury.

This is the moment in which I write.

Not because I want to convince you. I no longer care. History has validated me all my life and I never needed “you” to agree.

Not because I hope to warn you. It would not be possible. You decided long before you read these words that you are [identity definition], and you hold [authority submission subject or noun] supreme in your life.

Besides, are we not standing here together? I mean, we are standing here, together. We are still a we.

I would simply hand to you my device:

I wish you well in the days to come and I hope we never meet but in cooperation and collaboration.

It is the only path by which we survive.