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Touch-down, day 1

Wah-hoo, what a Monday! Today was the first day touch-down at the new job and, wowsah, there’s a lot happening! I love getting into a company when change is afoot and opportunity abounds; the atmosphere, static with intensity, and the environment, hectic with activity, and plenty of meat on the bones of possibility (how’s that for a mess of simile and metaphor!).

It’s been a while since I felt so completely surrounded by pure, unadultered promise. Mind you, I am notoriously optimistic and usually more than reasonably idealistic, but I always come in with the perspective that anything is possible right up to the point when it isn’t; so, in this moment, all things are shiny and I’m bubbling over for getting my hands into the mix.

Of course, I’m staring at a mountain of effort, but I like it that way (and, if you know me, you know I do my best work when this is the case). I’ve already got an aggressive set of deliverables on the plate and surely more to come (yum-mah!); the pattern recognition machine is scratching grooves into my brain like it’s laying down tracks…. or maybe rails…. this train is ’bout to leave the station, folks!

(Insert yet more random silliness here; most of which is of the same giddy variety as new beginnings always seem to engender. And now, of course, the flip of the switch between ol’ “croc brain” who revels in this and lil Ms. Ivory Tower, who is picking up the stuff Madame ‘Odile is putting down, making neat little rows of it, all of which will soon be translated and placed to page in any number of ways.)

I am, of course, stuffed to the medula with documents I’ve crammed into my head today; draft methods and processed reviewed, charts scanned, templates absorbed, a deeper glance at some of the things flying into my mailbox as the result of being on the division mailing list; all the things said (and unsaid) being fluffed like salad in my head as I work hind-brain magic to distill and arrange and note where I have questions along with (very) preliminary thoughts.

Takes a few days to gel, but when it does… 🙂

Suffice to say I am happy as a clam to be immersed by this particular ocean; nacre to spare and looking for grains of sand.

I recall very clearly when one of my interviewing managers (name and rank withheld) asked, “So, given that we’re looking at two candidates, why should you be the one we choose?”

Be it that I’m just that foolish or just that sincere (both?), I gave the only answer I could, “Why?! Because I’ll get it done.”

You betcha.


Requisite for all success,
I have it… in spades.

Edit to add amusing, unrelated aside: Awww, looks like Google has finally gotten around to down-ranking my domain; so much for Google as a reliable engine for locating relevant sites, eh? Consider me snickering softly.