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Two of Wands (transformation and progress)

Today’s Card: Two of Wands (analysis courtesy of

Card Symbology
The man in the Two of Wands is holding a small globe and stands on the roof of a castle, looking out over a vast terrain to the right and an ocean to the left. He understands his ambition and knows what must be done. This symbol indicates the confidence of self-knowledge. You know what your goal is, what your creative process is directing for you, and you are confident in its eventual fulfilment.

Card Meaning

The Two of Wands represents a mature person who may provide you with assistance to obtain your desires. Are hoping that something good is about to happen and want to see it materialize. An offer is about to be presented. If you don’t feel right about it or it isn’t enough, don’t sell yourself short or settle for less. There IS some thing better on the horizon.

The number two represents a union, the joining together of often opposing forces, the “coniunctio oppositorum” of which Carl Jung spoke. The two thus represents a “concretization” of the energy represented in the ace. The Ace of Wands signified the fiery energy of inspiration. The Two of Wands represents the beginning of clarity, the formulation of the spark of inspiration into an idea which can be carried out.

A person both kind and generous who waits to see his plays bear fruit. Possible interest in the sciences.

The twos represent discovery, cooperation, effort. Wands is also energy. They deal with such things as: growth, personal identity, new ideas, goals, lifestyle, career (not money, however), success, enthusiasm, the ways in which we present ourselves to the world.

This card shows the patience and focus of your intent. You’ve set things in motion, they’ll surely develop, and you can patiently wait for your rewards. As ideas begin to develop, things start moving along, you begin to see how things materialize. It also means beginning a new project or venture. Trying something out. Doing research.

Wands, then, are associated with feeling of success, or the lack thereof. Wands have fast moving, forceful energy, associated with fire, with summer, with the east and with masculine energy.

Dynamic partnership, transforming inspiration into action, confidence, vision, positive collaboration with another person, momentum, feedback, negotiation, alliance, good plan, duality, polarized energy, courage to move ahead, imagination, union, connecting opposites, new inspiration, boldness, maturity, dominant personality, kindness, generosity, wait to see if a plan will bear fruit, fulfilment, mastery of the situation, control, command.

Taking charge, developing relationship, creative growth, bold leader, new partnership, self control, confidence, actualization, synergy, associations, mutual understanding, insight, open to learning, choice, dynamic drive, intention, executive responsibilities, authority, brainstorming, contemplation, capable leader, personal power, commanding attention and respect, wielding influence, calling the shots, daring to do what you want to, taking risks, confronting the situation, facing fear, speaking one’s mind, taking the initiative, taking the bull by the horns, carpe diem, a pioneer, marching to a different drummer, inventiveness, new dimensions opening, ruler, courage in undertakings, magnetism, opposition, sexual attributes and attraction, discovery, seek and ye shall find, sense of restlessness, successful partnership or business.

Planning. You need to pause and contemplate where you are, where you have been and where you are going. You are at a crossroads. Make a plan before you take any action. You are in a position of power and can take time out to do so.