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Two Ponds

Infinity curled
Tight in hand-blown wine glass
A Two Ponds Merlot

Once upon a time, I was a real Merlot snob, but I’ve been out of that “game” since 2009 and the diabetes diagnosis. Tonight, thanks to being “well managed” and (generally) good to my pancreas, I was able to enjoy precisely 1.5 glasses of a luscious merlot of the aforementioned name.

Now either I’ve completely lost my nose/taste (which, I admit, is possible) or this was an exceptional merlot. Truly, exceptional. Oak, cherry, clove, and a hint of cinnamon, sturdy legs, and a smooth, rich presence on the tongue; I savored it in the way only someone who but rarely gets to experience such things can do.

A brief search when back home reveals it is ridiculously under-priced and possibly being discontinued (?).  A pity if true, that. If you’re a fan of the reds, you’d have to travel a long road to find a merlot as sultry suave as this.

The effective image/symbol approximating “infinity” on the label made me chuckle for Jungian thoughts. (This, but a brief and probably entirely irrelevant aside except to me, apophenia being what it is.)

For a time, I felt liberated of old age and its concerns. It was a nice feeling, albeit that it only lasted until I got home and the “spike” set it.

I regret nothing.