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Ultimate expressions of loving kindness often appear negative

Interesting thought today from Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, “Hatred, anger, and all negative emotion is an expression of ultimate loving kindness.”

As explained, negative emotion rises from the feeling that something/someone should be better; we want it/them to be better; we want ourselves to be better, and that wishfulness that things would be better, more enjoyable, more loveable, more helpful, more beneficial….. IS the root of everything – a fundamental wish of loving kindness:

– for oneself
– for all others
– for all circumstances
– for all experiences

By this logic, whether we only see “the surface” as reflected in another, in a circumstance, in an experience, or in ourself, under it all, regardless our awareness of it, is the core that is the supreme wish for better, for happiness.

A primary tenet in the practice is that one’s “enemies”; that those whom one hates or whom one feels hates or otherwise injures them are, in fact, the bringers of the most beautiful things in life… gifts of loving kindness. It’s just that we’re so busy reacting to the surface that we never look into ourselves deeply or long enough to recognize them for what they are… expressions of our own wistful wish for better, just as the expressions of that “enemy”, that “hated one”, that “injurious one” are so.

This, to me, is a pretty profound thought that will ripple long after I put the period on this sentence.