autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

Walla Walla, Y’all(a)

We’re on the move again. Lowering expenses, increasing tactical national positioning, and placing our bets on the roulette board of life.

J may just have a new remote role in his domain of preference. Nothing would make me happier… first for him, then for us, then for me.

Regardless, we have met and (knock on forehead) will maintain our current trajectory and velocity, which means we’ll have the liquidity in place to snatch up the perfect forever plot and get our landing and resting place locked in place to ride out whatever the fuck this is about to turn into (thoughts on that I have long predicted, and will not now entertain).

I admit, there is a certain quiet confidence in knowing you can and will redirect your entire being when you must. This is my one, truest promise to myself of eld – I will not remain where I cannot know delight.

Still haven’t found a thing that makes more sense, for all the world is replete with snakes, their manifold oils, and a culture of sly predation that ever blames the trusting as the fool.

Got to roll with what works, my friends. Stay close to ground on as many levels and in as many directions as you can manage. It is going to matter more than you realize sooner than you may think.