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Wasserstein Award

Here is yet another reason why I do not bother with things like this:

There will be a day, in the not too distant future, when the choke-hold of control and elitism drops away, when people who wish to be heard, regardless their beliefs, color, or gender, will be.

There will be a day when groups like this will languish and dream of the day when anyone cared who they thought was “outstanding”.

There will be a day when the notion of creative process as something precious and worthy of support will always find nourishment.

Let groups like the one in this story keep their arrogance, and elitism, let them keep their prize, too; let them keep it safe from the “unworthy” until the sad day wherein only it remains; shiny and pristine upon an otherwise empty, dusty mantle; until it becomes clear, even to them, the difference between lack of promise and lack of willingness to embrace it.

Update 11-17-2010: Apparently, they’ve changed their mind… (chuckle)

Thank you, technology. You’re saving us every day from the elitism, hubris, and snobbery of those who corrupt human systems with the mistaken thought that their perspective and power is more important than the goal they are charged to reach.