autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

watery minuet

murmur in my heart
it counts every moment
lush and pulsing life

mind ever changes
what now is good next is bad
but it’s all the same

here, in the quiet
there is full tranquility
never seems to last

except that it does
i find it when i’m looking
when i remember

like many pebbles
unnoticed except in shoe
such a funny thing

surrounded by joy
whether to dance or to cry
as the mind dictates

i choose more often
clumsy but willful dancing
even as thought stills

move with no movement
a holding without holding
full embrace of life

clever, the footsteps
leading me a merry chase
smiling, i follow

a far horizon
waits somewhere ahead of me
for it i care not

all the deep vallies
shadowed now and behind me
for it i care not

here, in this moment
sweet and rich, overflowing
river of delight

splashing feckless, free
a watery minuet
pebbly worship