autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

Why I write; for prosperity and posterity

I am convinced there is no such thing as an original, human thought; nor will there be until we literally evolve out of our own, biochemical, biosphere-embedded flesh.

To be clear, I think that evolutionary process cannot be possible and that we remain “human”.

It isn’t that I begrudge transcendence, I just recognize and admit that our “leaps” are actually the tiniest wriggles in a pool of necrotic manufacture… it is more than a little arrogant to say we are progressing, even if those who relish position and power will (and do) differ.

As predatory higher vertebrates (on a scale of our own devising, naturally), we are successful as apex predators of our planet only under conditions of our making; every instance of which consumes and literally decimates the biosphere required for our continued evolution and life.

We have, time and again, selected toward expedience and away from ‘the tribe’, only to crash under the weight of our own impossible consumption of what we fully know to be limited, scarce, and woe-fully misunderstood materials and resources. History records so many fallen civilizations, but only for bragging rights and proof of where the last piss-line on the ground sits.

No different than any territorial mammal that lives above ground. All biological behaviors and underpinnings apply. All epigenetics and neuroscience, too, but I’m trying not to overload this seed.

When someone says, “It’s all connected”, they are literally referencing something only the most recent study and research even begins to see, let alone understand. We are quick to laugh at the ancient, emotive and evocative expressions and experiences of our artists and acolytes, even as we all know the information they relay cannot be explained, only experienced.

Every one of these paragraphs are highly encoded ‘seeds’ that can and do take root in any fertile mind.

They are self-constructing. They mold themselves to the mind in which they live. They create the realization of the seed as the shape of the thing, in itself; this internal experience of ‘self as no-self’, the connection to the concept of ALL THAT IS and, through it, mapping their own universe in this life and then – sharing it with others as members of the human tribe.

No change since the caves.

There is no progress we can make in this life that holds meaning but that which helps life continue and evolve.

How have you, personally, worked to this end in your life?

How much of what you feel or think you ‘cannot do’ is based on the idea that you must do it alone?

We are currently self-selecting into behaviors that reward turning to solitary, competitive existence. As an autistic, looking at the world, I am sincerely convinced that neurodiversity is rapidly rising precisely because the planetary systems must respond or be obliterated.

I have my own intentions and motivations that drive my choices and I use writing both to clarify my thinking and create a reference point across time – a series of markers in the field of my life. Or bread-cumbs, I suppose. Wayfinding seems much more about knowing where you’ve been than where you’re going. Somehow, paradoxically, reveling in your own ignorance liberates to you simply move in accord with yourself.

I know I do not have any original thoughts. But I also know I spent my life earning my livelihood by handing out hits for free to every client. I know my track record of accuracy in analysis as predictive forecasting is keenly tuned. I had hoped to pivot into data science as a means of finding models that could incent and innovate on a concept of planetary citizenry.

Arrogance is a human feature. I am a human. (cough) I know now that I will never reach the vistas I envisioned. But I can certainly cast what seeds I hold along with all the processing time laid out in writing (the chaff).

Just as there is no way to have an original thought, there are infinite ways for a single thought to resound across humanity.

I cannot help but be convinced that is as possible and positive an end any human might aspire to engage.

It is the thought of so many emergent, unique, and insightful minds are unheard that drives me as it seems to me the only way to accelerate our evolution is to step back and let nature have its place both in our lives and in our works.

The planet is changing. So too, will we. It’s how things work.

I write in hopes of being part of the memory of my time. Also, to convey what little understanding of my experience I hold. And to continuously remind myself (and you!) that I know nothing. I am having an experience. I understand it by writing about it. This writing is not the understanding that it creates in my mind, just as it would not be for you.

True understanding requires committed, scalable mapping and contemplation of one’s experience. Some can do this in their head. I’m not like that. So it goes here. A big, messy SPLAT of words, any ultimate meaning revealed only carefully, unfolded over time, in my head.

Just like you. Just like we all.

So yeah, I write for posterity and prosperity, and always, and in all ways, to benefit others.

May all beings know happiness and the causes of happiness.

May all beings be liberated from sorrow and the causes of sorrow.

May all merit found here be delivered to the world, the universe, and all it contains.