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Writing Prompt: Palimpsest

// haiku break – American – 5/7/5 //

With every year
Palimpsest reality
Winter white the page

// prose break – Buddhist (finger… moon) //

The spring of youthful sprigs
ripening into summer’s fruition
nestling into autumn’s nostalgia
drifting into winter’s rest
The cycle, infinite and fractal
a dropless ocean, pure emptiness
we emerge rich with probability
encounter, experience, encoding us
The place we lived before birth
eternal garden of synapse and wave
the patterns of infinity surrounds
echoing at spooky distance, entangled
The place we return after death
rich with the pollen of exposure and wear
simile of fungal mantling over infinity
the blink of our life fuels the universe
The wheel of dharmakaya sublime truth
mapping in symbol what language cannot
our squinting minds gaze upon reality’s heart
awed and blinded by unrepentant glory
A splash of color upon palimpset page

// haiku break – Japanese – 1/3/1 //

no eye finds