autotelic, autistic, assonance-hole©.

YAHC (Yet another haiku chain)

This soft, crisp autumn
Ground cooling into deep sleep
Ebb point of cycle

This calm, quiet fall
Gone beyond the precipice
Past the horizon

So ironically said
Perceptions vary

“You” versus “me”, or,
“She”, “He”, “They”, “Them”, “Us”, or “We”;
Sad dichotomy

Gone, gone, gone beyond,
The universe of my world:
A collapsing star

Noble Polaris
Conspiratorial wink
Shifting positions

So say I, turning,
Upon this crazy dirt ball
Hurtling through space

I reached for those stars
Made a couple of my own
As if that matters

Metaphor season
Synchronized, the slow nodding,
Life is but a dream