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hjól, or yule as it is more commonly known, is the feast in honor or Freyr, god of agriculture, weather, and phallic fertility. Vanir of old, son of the sea, ships master and captain whose navigation always has favorable breeze, bestower of peace and pleasure upon humanity.

salute from afar, oh son of salt waters and saltier interests, bow and honor to the tiller of fields and storms, some more fruitful than others.

beneath the old branches, the sacrificed tree, bedecked with lights and baubles to soothe and comfort, soft lighting depicts the family man of today… still suited from work, leaning in with the legacy, for a moment all thought of other than the awe of progeny, the moment conveniently captured on film… memories fade more quickly than once they did.

salute from afar, though many misdeeds lay upon you, still it is said they are lies of the trickster. for my part, in the name of spring and those things which bloom eternal, i will not doubt it…

Freyr is best
of all the exalted gods
in the Æsir’s courts:
no maid he makes to weep,
no wife of man,
and from bonds looses all.

in this moment, as you lean into the yule and inhale innocent and delightedly, even the deeds i know stop weeping and do not mar the enjoyment. fertile indeed, all that would rise instead falls to silence for the fairness of liege and legacy, softly draped in ambience and care, before the yule, humble.